This work, Chopin's Last Tour, has been set in Scotland, about October 17th 1848. One year before he dies. It is perhaps not the happiest time in his life. He knows that he is dying, his relationship with George Sand has ended dramatically, his father has died 4 years earlier and he doesn't enjoy his present company or circumstances.


It is the story of his life through his music and his feelings.


It is an attempt to humanise the genius, to give the audience an insight into the type of person he was. Explaining his upbringing, his family, the importance of Poland, his friendships and his lovers. His battle with illness, his conflicts and his trials.  An insight into the type of life he led.


 A life that began as a child prodigy in Poland. Being a Pole he was influenced by the native folk music and customs, also by Poland's political plight.


At the age of 21 he left Poland to further his career. He was never to return. He settled in Paris and soon had a reputation as a composer and teacher. He didn't like giving public recitals, only giving 30 in his life time, but did thrive in salons and drawing rooms of friends.

He was a very likeable, polite man with a quirky sense of humour. He was introverted and shy.


Even today he remains a romantic figure and this play explores the relationships with women in his life.


This play features live piano. The pieces played have been carefully chosen to represent the different sections of his life. It is an emotional piece, told as if he was writing a letter, thus it gives insight into his feelings.


This play has recently been performed in Edinburgh, 2015, and  in Adelaide, 2016, with much acclaim and success.